Help light and dark to get to their home

A ,D or Left ,Right to move

W or Up to Jump

Space bar to switch between light and dark

R to restart after you fall and get out of the screen

You have to collect coins in each level and reach  *a machine in the end of a level to move to the next level

You get light and dark safely at home in the end of 20 levels

Dark can collect only dark coins and Light can only collect the light coins 

This was made for the Legends Game Jam #1

The theme was : CONTRAST

so i made a game with two contrastic siblings

*If you got all the coins and are in the machine but you can't move to the next level try having the light on the white place of the machine and dark in the dark side of it


thanks for playing!!

Install instructions

download the file and extract it ,then open the "contrast warriors . exe" file and the game should be loaded (report if any issues)


Contrast Warriors Windows 14 MB

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