assets by and some were made by Mayur Games

this is just a normal platformer where you can shoot, defeat enemies and explore new levels

you (the truth)have to collect masks in the end of every level and you will find some numbers scattered around a level , remember them , at the end of 5 levels you will have Mask Machine
If you go there it will ask you a password, the password is all the numbers you found in all the levels put together. after that you made the whole world truthful 

this was done in 5 days for the spooktober jam  

the theme was : MASK THE TRUTH

so i made a game where the truth has to go and collect masks

Install instructions

download the file extract it and then open the ".exe " file and it has to come(report if any isuues)


Masked Truth Windows 28 MB


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Really Liked your game. Let's connect on Discord.
I have made a review video.

Thanks for watching.
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thanks and sorry I am not on discord .I will take your feedback and improve my other games. Thanks again

You can download Discord. It's an amazing software for connecting with Devs.
Let's connect and talk more.

you literally masked the truth, cool ๐Ÿ™‚