if you are in a pc you can click ,press space bar or UP to go up

there are four maps in which you can play

I made this game in 2 days, even though it was not for a jam 

it is really fun to play ,it is a bit easier than the original one

assets from www.kenney.nl

if anybody reaches thousand(which is a really high value),let me know cause there is a surprise waiting for you 

thanks for playing 

Install instructions

after downloading the game ,extract the file and open the .exe file to play the game


Tappy Plane.zip 15 MB


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its a bit weird with the fact of some times it lanches the player in the air higher then other times but other then that great first game

i also just posted a new game yesterday

This is my first game on itch.io🙂.

really cool



love this game